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One-Stop Distributor for Industrial Solutions

Packaging & Adhesive Dispensing - Industrial Coating -Printing & Labelling - Industrial Curing - Industrial Eco-Cleaning - Polymer Processing - Electronics Manufacturing - Sealants - Automation

Packaging & Adhesive

Nordson Hot Melt | Packaging Application of hotmelt and cold glue adhesives for end of the line packaging

Nordson Hot Melt | Packaging

Application of hotmelt and cold glue adhesives for end of the line packaging

Nordson Hot Melt | Product Assembly

Application of adhesives, sealants and coatings during product assembly and manufacturing

Nordson Hot Melt | Non-Woven

Application of hotmelt for converting Non-Woven materials to finish products


Nordson Powder Coating

Spray guns, mobile systems, engineered systems, robot coating and Dynamic Contouring Movers

Nordson Container Coating

Advanced coating, dispensing and curing systems used in the production of food and beverage cans


Automated production lines for pre-treatment, powder coating, e-coating and wet-painting


Smart Masking and Hanging solutions


Fire protection system for automatic and manual electrostatic powder and wet coating systems

Printing & Labelling


Coding, Marking, Labelling and Verification Solutions for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Packaging


Our SE-TECH office is the exclusive Domino distributor in Saudi Arabia

Continuous Inkjet - Thermal Transfer - Thermal Inkjet - Large Character - Lasers - Case & Pallet Labeling - Verification Systems


Marking, Labelling & Vision Systems through Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, Laser and Dot Peen Marking Solutions


Ultra Durable Label Solutions for Extreme Applications (Automotive, Transportation, Electronics and Industry)

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End to end solutions

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Technical Support

Covering Middle East and West  Africa

UAE - Saudi Arabia - Oman - Qatar - Kuwait - Jordan - Yemen - Bahrain

Nigeria - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Senegal - Mali - Cameroon - Guinea - Sierra Leone - Liberia - Benin - Togo - Burkina Faso - Congo


Exclusive Nordson distributor

And 25+ brands


Established in 1989


20+ Countries

Across Middle East & West Africa


Team of 30 skilled and trained engineers & technicians

End-to-End Solutions for Industries

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Curing & UV Technologies


Discover New Products

Curing & UV Technologies


UV curing for Printing, Plastic Packaging and Metal Decorations


Curing Ovens for Electronics Components Manufacturing



Environmentally friendly adhesive eco-cleaners, release agents and rail cleaning solutions

GARD Railway

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Nordson BKG: Melt Filtration, Pelletizing Systems for Thermoplastics and similar behavior materials, Melt Pumps, Polymer Valves and Jet Cleaners to remove polymer from metal parts

Nordson EDI: Extrusion dies, Fluid Coating Systems for uniform application of liquid materials and Feedblocks for optimal layer sequences

Cromatura Dura: Chrome plating for Cylinders and Cylinder Finishing for Polymer Processing and other applications

KREYENBORG: Bulk Material Handling Solutions for the Plastics Industry


Nordson Advanced Technologies | EFD

Nordson Advanced Technologies | Test & inspection


Proprietary test solutions, Laser Selective soldering and inspection systems


Curing Ovens for Electronics Components Manufacturing

Universal Instruments

precision automation solutions for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry


Electronics Protection Products


Cleaning solutions for Electronics Assembly processes, Advanced Packaging and Metal Parts/Finishing


Advanced Electronics Assembly Materials Solutions

Adhesives &

Resin Designs: Adhesives that provide structural bonding between various substrates (metal, glass, and plastic), Encapsulants, Shielding Gaskets designed to provide effective grounding of high energy electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Thermal Management Liquids & Pads

Fratelli Zucchini: Adhesives and Sealants for Industrial and Professional use


Intrex: Adaptable Marking & Labelling Systems for Production Line


Atlanta: Semi-Automatic and Automatic Wrapping machines

Comarme: Automated and Semi-Automated Case Sealers, American boxes case erectors and pallet wrappers with stretch film

Canavisia: Industrial Monitoring Solutions for Production Department & Industries, Offices & Retail, Municipalities, Cities, Gathering Centers and Museums

HTG: complete solutions for bottling lines (Blow molding machines, process machines and filling)

Our Distributed Brands

Industry Insights

Our Locations

Gulf Application Engineering and Packaging (GAEP) FZE

Countries covered:

Middle East & Levant Region: UAE - Oman - Qatar - Jordan - Kuwait - Yemen

Africa Region: Nigeria - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Senegal - Mali - Cameroon - Guinea - Sierra Leone - Liberia -  Benin - Togo - Congo - Burkina Faso

P.O. Box 16929, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E.

T: +971 4 881 5331

F: +971 4 881 5334

SE-TECH Services Technologies Est.

Countries covered:

Saudi Arabia - Bahrain

P.O. Box 67346, Riyadh 11596, KSA

T: +966 11 474 3012  |  +966 11 473 7578

F: +966 11 291 9818

SAFPACK Ivory Coast

Countries covered:

Nigeria - Ivory Coast - Ghana - Mali - Cameroon - Guinea - Sierra Leone - Liberia - Benin - Togo - Congo - Burkina Faso

10 BP 1887 Abidjan 10, Ivory Coast

T: +225 22 00 84 68

F: +225 20 01 20 91


Countries covered:


SICAP Baobab, N°566, Dakar, Senegal

T: +225 05 05 00 14 26

T: +225 17 78 49 90 90

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