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Why Your Railway Maintenance Needs a pH Neutral Cleaner

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In the realm of railway maintenance, the choice of cleaning agents is pivotal. Traditionally, companies have leaned towards high pH chemicals for cleaning the exterior of rolling stock. However, these chemicals often come close to being classed as 'caustic-based', which, while effective for unblocking drains, are not suited for cleaning vehicles that transport millions of passengers daily.

The Risks of High pH Cleaners

Using high pH chemicals can lead to several detrimental effects:

  1. Dull Paintwork: Aggressive chemicals can strip away the glossy finish of train exteriors, leading to a lackluster appearance that reflects poorly on service providers.

  2. Environmental Impact: High pH cleaners often pose challenges with wastewater disposal, potentially harming local waterways and violating environmental regulations.

  3. Safety Concerns: The caustic nature of these cleaners increases the risk of chemical burns to maintenance staff, compromising workplace safety.

The Advantages of Switching to pH Neutral Cleaners

GARD Rail Cleaner, a leading pH neutral solution by Gard Chemicals, addresses these issues with its bespoke formulation tailored for the rail industry. Here’s why switching to Gard RSC – pH Neutral Cleaner can be a game-changer for your fleet maintenance:

  • Preservation of Paint and Finishes: Unlike high pH cleaners, a pH neutral cleaner gently cleans without damaging the paint or finishes, ensuring that rolling stock remains in pristine condition.

  • Environmental Compliance: Gard RSC supports sustainable practices by adhering to discharge standards, thus reducing the ecological footprint of rail operations.

  • Enhanced Safety: With its pH neutral formulation, Gard RSC reduces the risk of chemical burns, creating a safer working environment for your staff.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Due to its high dilution rate, Gard RSC offers an economical solution, reducing the amount of cleaner needed per application.

Endorsed and Trusted

Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme verified

GARD Rail Cleaner is not only effective but also approved by numerous manufacturers and extensively supplied to Train Operating Companies (TOCs), ensuring compliance and satisfaction across the board.

✅ Approved and used by:

  • Hitachi Rail UK

  • Siemens Rail

  • Alstom (previously Bombardier)

As rail companies continue to focus on sustainable and safe operations, switching to a pH neutral cleaner like GARD Rail Cleaner represents a forward-thinking choice that benefits both the environment and operational efficiency. Say goodbye to the outdated chemical methods and embrace a cleaner, safer future in rail maintenance.

For a demonstration or more information about GARD Rail Cleaner, please contact us at

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