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Improve Packaging Efficiency: Comparing Hot Melt Adhesives and Tape Sealing

Updated: Jan 26

The shift to using hot melt adhesives for carton sealing is a major change in the packaging industry. These adhesives offer several key benefits over traditional tape, making packaging processes faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Packaging Speeds: up to x3

A key benefit of hot melt adhesives is their ability to significantly increase packaging speeds. Businesses can expect to triple their current packaging speeds, drastically boosting productivity and operational throughput.

Cost-Effectiveness and Environmental Impact

Save up to 20% of your corrugated costs.

Walmart's initiative to reduce carton flap sizes is a good example to demonstrate the cost-saving potential of hot melt adhesives. This reduction in material usage not only decreases costs but also supports sustainability efforts by minimizing waste.

Operational Efficiency and Reliability

The reduction in downtime is a critical advantage. Hot melt adhesives ensure a consistent and reliable bond, essential for maintaining high-speed packaging lines and reducing interruptions that can impact production.

Aesthetics and Security

Hot melt adhesives offer a cleaner, more professional appearance to packages, enhancing brand image. Additionally, the strong bonding quality provides increased security against tampering and damage.

Safer to open than tape

Facts: Each year, approximately $20B is lost from damaged merchandise.

$6B is caused by box cutters. (Source: Food Marketing Institute)

Ease of Implementation and Cost Savings

Implementing hot melt solutions is straightforward and does not require significant capital expenditure, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

The Future of Packaging

The shift to hot melt adhesive solutions represents a progressive choice for modern packaging needs. Businesses can leverage these solutions to achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency, aesthetics, security, and sustainability, setting a new standard in the packaging industry.

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