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GARD - Cleaners & Release Agents

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Cleaners and Release Agents
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Gard Chemicals is a leading manufacturer of adhesive cleaners and release agents.

These products have been designed to effectively remove and prevent build-up of glue deposits and smears on adhesive application and dispensing equipment, as well as on machinery working surfaces. They can be used with all grades of hot melt and cold adhesives.

Gard Chemicals also offers a neutral pH, environmentally friendly cleaner specifically designed for the rail industry. The Gard Rolling Stock Cleaner (RSC) is a revolutionary solution for external cleaning of train carriages. Traditional cleaning solutions, such as acid and alkaline detergents, can slowly damage aluminum heat exchanges and dull paintwork. The RSC's neutral pH formula eliminates the need for two chemicals in the cleaning process, protecting the external surface of the carriages and respecting the environment.

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