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Optimize your Powder Coating Lines: The Power of HDLV Technology

Efficiency and cost savings are essential in the world of powder coating. Traditional spray systems often result in excessive powder usage and unnecessary expenses. However, Nordson's High Density, Low Velocity (HDLV) technology, found in their Encore HD powder spray systems, has transformed the industry by significantly reducing powder waste.

This article explores how HDLV technology works, its benefits for customers, and the advantages of using this system, emphasizing its ability to deliver fast returns on investment (ROI) through substantial powder savings.

Efficiency and optimization are crucial in the world of powder coating. While electrostatics and charging system controls have traditionally been the focus of improvement, the role of aerodynamics cannot be overlooked. Nordson introduces HDLV (High Density Low Velocity) technology, a breakthrough method of powder coating delivery that revolutionizes the industry.

This article explores the advantages of HDLV technology, its impact on powder application efficiency, and the benefits it offers in terms of coverage, cost control, color change speed, and powder recovery efficiency, compared to other technologies, such as Nordson Venturi.

After reading this article, you will better understand how Nordson HDLV Technology enables Powder Savings of 10-12% compared to the traditional Venturi Solution.


Unlocking Powder Coating Efficiency

To achieve optimal powder application efficiency and coverage, addressing various aerodynamic factors is essential. These include:

  • spray pattern dynamics

  • powder pump functionality

  • powder-to-air ratio

  • controlling aerodynamic turbulence in the coating deposition area

Conventional ejector-pump systems, often used for powder transfer, have limitations due to their excessive air volume requirements.

More Powder - Less Air

Nordson's HDLV Technology for powder application, offers a groundbreaking solution that surpasses the limitations of traditional ejector-pump systems. HDLV Technology ensures efficient powder delivery from the feed hopper to the spray nozzle with minimal air volume. This technology presents significant advancements in several key areas.

1. Independent Optimization

HDLV technology enables independent optimization of powder output and spray pattern aerodynamics, enhancing overall application efficiency and quality.

2. Linear Pump Curve

Unlike ejector-pumps, HDLV pumps show a linear pump curve, ensuring consistent powder-to-air ratios regardless of output levels. This avoids the negative impact of increased spray pattern velocity associated with conventional systems (over spraying, powder waste, etc.)

3. Soft, Controlled Spray Patterns

The combination of HDLV pumps and innovative spray nozzle designs allows for effective shaping of spray patterns with minimal air volume. This achieves soft, flexible spray patterns with reduced air volume compared to conventional systems.

Enhanced Coating Control

HDLV technology offers precise control over applied coating thickness, minimizing variances and improving overall efficiency.

The absence of wear parts in HDLV pumps ensures stable and consistent powder output, eliminating the need for frequent manual adjustments.

Color Change Speed

HDLV solutions simplify color changes through efficient purge functions, streamlined powder paths, and dedicated powder recovery pumps. The result is exceptionally fast color change times, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Efficiency Beyond Application

Powder Recovery Efficiency HDLV technology contributes to improved powder recovery efficiency in cyclone-based powder booths. HDLV pumps actively draw powder from the bottom of cyclones, minimizing accumulation and optimizing cyclone performance. Additionally, the low air volume used by HDLV pumps eliminates the risk of over-pressurizing powder screeners, reducing throughput and powder losses.

HDLV vs Venturi Pumps



Provide Process Control

No Process Control

Offers Powder Savings

No Powder Savings

Stable Coating Quality

Operator Dependent Quality

No Part Replacement in 1 year, 2 shifts (min downtime)

Venturi Replacement Every Week

Delivers up to 750 grams/min high density powder

Delivers up to 250 grams/min low density powder

No Settings Adjustment Needed

Daily/Hourly Adjustment Needed

Hight TE due to Low Density of Powder (no bounce back)

Low TE due to High Velocity of Powder

Better Charging due to Low Velocity of Powder

Low Charging Efficiency due to High Velocity of Powder

Less Overspray du to Low Velocity of Powder

High Overspray due to High Velocity of Powder

Independent Control of Powder and Air Volumes

Powder and Air Volume Control Dependent

Self-Cleaning Pump. Auto Color Change in less than 20s

No Self-Cleaning Pump Technology


Nordson's HDLV technology marks a new era in powder coating efficiency. By focusing on aerodynamics, HDLV offers:

  • precise powder delivery

  • powder savings

  • optimized production

  • independent optimization of powder output

  • soft and controlled spray patterns

With enhanced coating control, streamlined color changes, and improved powder recovery efficiency, HDLV technology transforms powder coating operations, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving overall quality.

To learn more about how HDLV technology can drive your business's ROI, we invite you to contact our team of powder coating experts.



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