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Overhead Conductor Manufacturing: GAEP's Advanced Grease Dispensing Solution

Improve the Overhead Conductor manufacturing
Overhead Conductor

GAEP is proud to introduce our Advanced Grease Dispensing solution designed specifically for overhead conductors and offers improved control, efficiency, quality, and safety.

The Traditional Grease Dispensing lacks of control, leading to inconsistent application and more rejected products. Excess grease is wasted, increasing costs and cleaning time. Additionally, the grease on the floor poses a safety risk due to slips.

GAEP's Advanced Solution: Precision, Efficiency, and Safety

GAEP has developed an advanced grease dispensing system that brings many benefits to Overhead Conductor Manufacturing Plants:

  1. Precise Grease Application: Our advanced solution synchronizes with the production line speed, ensuring consistent and accurate grease application (+/- 10g) on overhead conductors. This reduces rejects and improves product quality.

  2. Improved Safety: Our solution creates a safer workplace by massively reducing the quantity of grease on the floor, which reduces slip hazards and protects workers.

  3. Less Waste and Downtime: Our dispensing solution significantly reduces excess grease waste, saving money on materials. There's no need for extensive cleaning between batches, minimizing downtime and improving efficiency.

  4. Better Quality: It provides precise control, resulting in consistent grease application. This reduces rejected products and improves overall quality.

  5. Increased Production: Manufacturers can meet customer demands by optimizing grease application. This improves productivity without sacrificing quality.

Dispense grease with precision

Precision Grease Dispenser for Cable Industry
GAEP's Grease Dispenser

With improved control, efficiency, quality, and safety, our system and empowers manufacturers to achieve higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about our advanced solution and how it can enhance your overhead conductor manufacturing operations.


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