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100% Recyclate in Blown Film Production: The Nordson BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS Melt Filter

Blown film production

In today's rapidly evolving manufacturing sector, sustainability and efficiency are more than just buzzwords – they are imperatives. This is especially true in the realm of blown film production, where manufacturers are constantly seeking solutions that not only elevate product quality but also comply with stringent environmental regulations. Enter the Nordson BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS Melt Filter, a breakthrough in melt filtration technology that is redefining industry standards.

The Power of Advanced Backflush Technology

At the heart of the BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS's efficacy is its advanced backflush technology. This innovative feature allows the filter to handle high levels of contamination with ease, making it an ideal choice for processing recycled materials. Furthermore, its pressure-controlled venting ensures consistent film quality, a critical requirement in high-pressure environments.

Normal operation: 2 screen cavities (100%) in the process

Backflush: 1 screen cavity (50%) in the process (melt pressure controlled)

Screen change: During a screen change 1 of the screen cavities (50%) is removed from the process, allowing for 1 of the screen cavities (50%) to remain in operation

During the process steps “backflush” and “screen change,” 1 of 2 screens remain in production at all times:

  • Melt pressure controlled automated venting start

  • Melt pressure controlled automated backflush function

  • Optimized flow channels utilizing rheological data

  • Easily integrated into existing blown film lines due to its vertical position

  • Crankable safety cover for easier cleaning, maintenance, and maximum operator safety

  • Wear-free metallic sealing system - no additional seal required

  • Adapted support cart design for easier cleaning and maintenance

Normal Operation

Normal operation of melt filter

The heated steel housing allows for two screen bearing pistons, which contain one screen cavityper piston. The melt flow is subdivided into two flow paths and is directed through each of the two screen cavities.


Backflush system of Nordson BKG HiCon

If the chosen differential pressure (Δp) increases due to the contamination of the filter screens, the piston automatically moves into the backflush position. The subsequent process is not adversely affected. Through a reversal of the flow inside of the screen changer, the contaminations from the screen pack are led outwards via a spillway. The screen pack is fixed within the screen retainer.

Screen Change

Screen Change Melt flow

The screen bearing piston with the changeable filter element is moved out of the housing to allow for the screen pack of the piston to be removed and replaced with a new filter element. During the screen change, the screen cavities of the other piston remains in the production position and the melt flow is not interrupted. Fifty percent (50%) of the filter area is still used for filtration. Due to the automated melt pressure controlled venting start procedure, no air can enter the process after the screen exchange.

Operating pressure graph

Achieving Sustainability with Up to 100% Recycled Polymer

Recycled LDPE

In a significant move towards environmental stewardship, the BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS supports the use of up to 100% recycled polymer in production processes. This capability not only helps manufacturers comply with regional recycling laws but also positions them at the forefront of sustainable practices, crucial in today's eco-conscious market.

Seamless Integration and Operational Excellence

Nordson BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS

Designed to seamlessly integrate into existing blown film lines, the BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS boasts a small footprint and a vertical installation design that fits perfectly into any production setting. Its automated features minimize the need for operator intervention, significantly reducing operational costs and downtime.

Enhancing Safety and Maintenance

Acknowledging the importance of safety and ease of maintenance in manufacturing settings, the BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS comes equipped with a crankable safety cover and a wear-free metallic sealing system. These features ensure not only the safety of the operators but also ease the maintenance process, enhancing the overall efficiency of the production line.


The Nordson BKG HiCon K-SWE-HD/RS Melt Filter stands as a testament to Nordson's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the manufacturing sector. With its ability to handle high levels of recycled materials, ensure top-quality film production, and integrate seamlessly into existing lines, this melt filter is set to become a game-changer in the blown film industry.

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