Nordson BKG
Nordson BKG is global leader in the manufacturing of pelletizing equipment screen changers, gear pumps and valves to underwater pelletizing machines to dryers for polymer pellets.

Nordson BKG offers pelletizers that crystallize and pelletize in a single step, agglomerate catchers to detect and eject pellet clumps, jet cleaners to safely remove polymer residue from pelletizing machine components and pellet diverter valves that divide the melt flow coming from the screen changes.

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Nordson XALOY
Nordson Xaloy has been around since the beginning of plasticizing screw technology, with several of our early extruder screw models earning patents. Since then we’ve been continually innovating to create the highest-quality bimetallic screws for use in extrusion and injection moulding. Also WAFO™ twin screws can be custom-engineered and tailored to customer precise processing requirements, and thermal-coated plasticizing screws ideally suited for highly-filled or corrosive resins.

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Nordson EDI
Nordson EDI Offers Custom-engineered extrusion die systems, backed by years of experience in the field of die design and manufacturing to meet customer needs and process parameters. Expertise in cast film dies, extrusion coating and laminating dies, and sheet dies with removable lips and deckling to adapt to changes in production needs.

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