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Nordson Electronics Solutions

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Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

Nordson Electronics offers a wide range of solutions for semiconductor packaging, PCB & SMT assembly, Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), Life Science, Camera Module assembly, and Alternative Energy applications.


Nordson advanced technology provides consistent and precise dispensing of materials such as:

Underfill, Conformal Coating, Thermal Interface Material (TIM), Encapsulant, Two-Component Materials, Solder Paste, Adhesives, Conductive Adhesive, Epoxy, Flux, Primer, Reagent, Silicone, Solder Mask, and Lubricant.

Application of Underfill, for example, is essential for protecting and strengthening the connections between semiconductor die and substrate. Our Underfill Dispensing solution ensures precise and consistent application, ensuring maximum performance and reliability of the final product.

Conformal Coating Materials are used to protect electronic components and PCBs from harsh environmental conditions, we provide solutions that ensures accurate and efficient coating of the materials while reducing overspray and material waste.

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is a critical component for dissipating heat in electronic devices, and our TIM dispensing solutions ensure precise and consistent application for optimal performance and reliability.

Encapsulant is used for protecting sensitive electronic components, our Encapsulant dispensing solutions provide precise and consistent application of the material for maximum protection.

Two-Component Materials, such as epoxy, are commonly used for bonding and sealing in electronic applications. Our two-component dispensing solutions ensure precise mixing and dispensing for strong, reliable bonds.

Solder Paste Dispensing is an essential step in the SMT assembly process, Our Solder Paste dispensing solutions deliver precise and consistent solder paste deposits, ensuring strong, reliable connections.

We also provide solutions for Adhesives, Conductive Adhesive, Epoxy, Flux, Primer, Reagent, Silicone, Solder Mask, and Lubricant which all have a critical importance in semiconductor packaging and PCB assembly.

In summary, Nordson Electronics offers a comprehensive range of advanced dispensing solutions, designed to ensure precision and consistency in the application of critical materials, providing maximum performance and reliability of the final products.

Featured Solutions

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