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Discover the new Ax130i
Value without compromise

Efficient and Cost-Effective

The Ax130i Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer is a revolution in basic coding needs. Perfect for upgrading your production lines to automatic batch coding, the Ax130i combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness, ensuring your operations are both swift and economical.

User Friendly Design

Operating the Ax130i is a breeze. Its simple user interface, backed by the Domino QuickStep system, enables easy code creation and adjustment, demanding minimal expertise. Password protection for access control adds an extra layer of security.

Reliability Meets Performance

With Domino's over 40 years of experience, the Ax130i guarantees reliability. Its excellent first-time start-up performance means it's ready when you are, ideal for intermittent production schedules. The unique Ax130i printhead ensures consistent code quality throughout its lifespan.

Adaptable and Precise

The Ax130i thrives in varying ambient temperatures, thanks to its dynamic on-board monitoring and accurate fluid control systems. It consistently delivers optimum performance and high-quality coding, with minimal interruptions and downtime.

Domino Inks - Quality and Compliance

Our range of Domino-developed inks adheres and endures on a wide array of materials while being compliant with global food packaging legislation. They offer lasting adhesion, lightfastness, and high contrast. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our environmentally friendly fluid options, reduced ink consumption, and fully depleting cartridges.

Maximizing Your Productivity

The Ax130i is not just a printer; it's a promise of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Let the Domino Ax130i be the solution that elevates your production process and helps your products shine on the shelf.

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Continuous Inkjet Printing
Ax-Series | Ax130i

Ax130i with Head.jpg

Technical Specifications

Speed (1 line, 5 dot char.)
5.1 ms
Dot Size
Print Height
Max 5 lines of print up to 32 dots/20mm
Supported Code Formats
Text (unicode support), Graphics (imported .bmp)
Printer Dimensions
400 x 373 x 393 mm
User Interface
7” Touchscreen
Conduit Length
Print Head Type
QuickStep 3
Communications Ports
Cabinet USB port (x1)
Printer Status Monitoring
4 stage beacon output (x1); 3 stage alarm output (x1)
Cartridge Replacement
20-second operator task with no line stop required
304 stainless steel cabinet (5 sides) - Nylon door
Operating Environment
Temperature 5-45°C, Humidity 0-90% RH, Cabinet protection IP54
Print Head Nozzles

 Continuous Inkjet Printers

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