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Printing and Labelling for Industries

High speed & quality CO2 laser marking machine even in harsh environments

D-Series CO2 Laser Etching and Marking Machine Range

Domino's D-Series CO2 laser marking machines deliver high-quality coding with the ability to produce multiple lines of text on various materials. They offer a modular design for flexible installation and integration into existing production lines. With no inks or solvents required, they minimize waste and potentially provide a carbon footprint reduction. Domino also offers DPX fume extraction units to reduce the risk of contamination, reject, and machine failure due to dust or particle formation.

  • Delivers flexible, high-speed, high-quality coding on a variety of materials

  • Modular design for flexible installation and integration

  • Smaller i-Tech scan head for faster printing performance

  • Offers legally compliant solutions for traceability demands

  • No inks or solvents required, minimizing waste

  • Automatic temperature control cooling to save energy and reduce carbon footprint

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